Good food connects

They say no good story starts with a salad. At
Freshmenu, we beg to differ!

In a world where work is taking over our lives and eating food is easily sidelined, fresh meals are
the need of the hour. Keeping this in mind, we pep up the entire experience of connecting
people through yummy food. We believe that good food and great memories go hand in hand.
And so we bring you 20 new dishes everyday, crafted with hand-picked ingredients and
authentic recipes from around the world.

Our Mission

We’re Our mission is simple - to re-awaken the taste buds of India. In the hope of replacing
‘repetitive food days’ with ‘FreshMenu everyday’, we are about change the way you eat!

For every person who believes that eating is a tedious task or food delivery is a burden, we
are going to wipe out those mindsets. We intend to leave our ‘foodprints’ all over India and
rescue you from all your food troubles soon.

Some things about us

Bon Appetech

With changing times and sedentary lifestyles, we have adapted to technology and use it to give you a special dining experience. When you order from the comfort of your space, our army of chefs, operations and delivery team works behind-the-scenes to ensure that only delectable food reaches your doorstep.


We wish to pave the path towards the Sobremesa culture (Literal spanish translation for “over the table”). The food we make for you is about more than just the taste. When you sit and eat food with your family and friends, it must create memories that last a lifetime.

Sourcing from the best

We realize the importance of using fresh ingredients, meat and poultry and so we source all our raw materials from the best of suppliers. We have a procuring process in place that leaves no room for stale ingredients.

Down to Earth

We may be vigourous in our attempts to transform the way you eat but only with modesty. We value your feedback and aspire to serve you better with time.

Experimenting grounds

We are constantly experimenting and innovating with new recipes so that we can transcend our own standards. We never settle for good because that just isn’t good enough.